reversible sofa

an experimental sofa with painting images for the upholstery fabric, which easily reverses to fake fur.

features a martini shelf and a large bookshelf.

Steel, plywood, artificial fur, down, burlap, undyed wool felt, auto body paint, and casino gaming suede

Futuro House, portable ski chalet designed by Matti Suuronen, Finland 1968.
The curve and attitude that inspired the sofa.
initial idea, first CAD sketch
first artist's proof
the supporting frame is a gradation of graffiti paint on a thin web of steel
'sofa' references the global vernacular of rusting metal furniture in verdant backyards, a familiar image from a southern childhood
sofa comes from this atmosphere
the piece revisits an idea behind the marvelous reversible clothing of childhood. The design gives two sofas in one, instantly, by flipping the cushions - changing from painting images into a white fur sofa
In theory the paintings can be changed periodically
absurd and shiny vegan fur which would be right at home on a James Bond set peeps out
party people sofa
sofa has two plywood shelves; one for books, one for drinks
the bookshelf has multiple hidden welded supports, ensuring it can hold lots of books, counter to what the thin plywood shelf implies
Unprocessed sheepswool felt references certain art positions of the last century.
Hot-rolled steel bars create a minimal frame, creating a huge sofa which hovers lightly on its feet, by spreading the weight across the floor as a continuous one-half inch surface
A perfect place to sit and fold laundry.
Smaller version, seats 2 or 3 people.
does Peter Marino like it?